Imaginary Trailer

A woman is haunted by her imaginary childhood best friend in the creepy trailer for the new horror from the masterminds behind M3gan.

Article Published on 17.11.2023

Meet Chauncey, a cute and cuddly teddy bear who’s in fact the eerie and unusual villain of Blumhouse’s new horror. It’s another project in the Child’s Play mould, but where M3gan portrays a nightmare of future technology, Imaginary focuses on terror from a more traditional playmate – an imaginary best friend who’s become malevolent after being forgotten and left behind for years. In the trailer we see how the seemingly adorable stuffed toy turns out to be something much more sinister, appearing to torment the family of the person he once consdiered a friend and make a young girl do increasingly bad things. The film promises to explore wehether imaginary friends are really just figments of childhood imagination, or if the truth more terrifying that we could ever imagine. All will be revealed when Imaginary comes to cinemas on March 8.


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