Greyhound Trailer

Tom Hanks is on the run from Nazi U-boats in intense trailer for Greyhound

Article Published on 11.03.2020

Written by Hanks himself, Greyhound sees Tom Hanks return to the frontlines of the Second World War but this time as first-time captain Ernest Krause who’s tasked with leading a convoy of Allied ships across treacherous waters. The trailer does a terrific job of ramping up the tension and painting the Nazi U-boats as animal-like hunters prowling the ocean for a kill, turning this into a Second World War survival movie of sorts as Krause and his convoy are forced to battle the surrounding enemy without any support for five days. In addition to the atmosphere and frantic footage of naval battles, the trailer gives us a glimpse of Hanks’ supporting cast that includes Elisabeth Shue, Rob Morgan, and Stephen Graham. Greyhound is due for release on June 26 but will have special Father’s Day previews on June 21.


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