Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer

Two of cinema's biggest names collide in the epic trailer for Godzilla Vs. Kong

Article Published on 25.01.2021

It’s the big screen battle that’s been seven years in the making. Godzilla roared back into cinemas in 2014 and Earth’s great protector has since dethroned all manner of killer Kaiju to be crowned King Of The Monsters. Now, the fourth film in Legendary Pictures’ MonsterVerse pits King against Kong. The stunningly crafted trailer catches up with the almighty ancient ape after the events of his 2017 film where his protectors are moving him from Skull Island to find his true home. But their perilous journey becomes deadly when an enraged Godzilla emerges from the depths hellbent on destroying anything in his path. Fists fly, tails whip, and roars roar louder than ever as Godzilla and Kong collide. The imagery couldn’t be any more epic as the monster mash-up goes across the globe and atomic breath lights up a neon-soaked city. With humanity caught in the middle of the conflict, it’s down to a select few to find out what has turned humanity’s protector into a city destroyer. Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, Demian Bichir, and Rebecca Hall are among the cast who hope to avoid being stomped on while they break up the fight and solve the mystery of what triggered it. All we know for now is that it’s something to do with the mysterious connection Kong shares with a little girl and, more ominously, a dark secret that lies deep within the Earth’s core. Godzilla Vs Kong is set for a March release, but obviously any dates should be taken with a pinch of salt in the current climate, which is reflected in Warner Bros clever "Coming Soon" branding. All we know for certain is that a movie this massive needs to be seen on the big screen, and we’re happy to wait for as long as it takes.