Gemini Man Trailer

Will Smith is his own worst enemy in the new trailer for Gemini Man

Article Published on 25.07.2019

If the first trailer hooked us with the central narrative that Will Smith would be facing a younger clone of himself, the second trailer is all about the action. We haven't seen much action from director Ang Lee since his Hulk movie back in 2003, but the visionary filmmaker is certainly making a smash with frenetic fight choreography and stunts for Gemini Man. From nuanced tactical precision as the world’s best assassin takes down targets to more bombastic set-pieces as he comes face to face with the clone that’s sent to kill him, the film is brimming with action. What's more, the fight sequences are made all the more impressive when you consider one half of the fight isn’t really there! But the trailer also suggests that there’s going to be plenty of substance to go with the style as Will Smith offers a stark reminder of his acting prowess with two emotional performances for two characters who may technically be the same but are very different.