Earth: One Amazing Day

Celebrate World Animal Day by booking your tickets to BBC Earth Films’ new documentary

Article Published on 04.10.2017

Presenting an ordinary day in the life of the extraordinary planet we call home, BBC Earth Films’ long-awaited sequel to Earth will take you on an astonishing journey that reveals the awesome power of the natural world. Narrated by Oscar-winning Hollywood legend Robert Redford, the documentary uses groundbreaking technology to capture life on Earth as it’s never been seen before.

From snow-capped mountains and dense rainforests to scorching deserts and the mysterious ocean, the sweeping documentary leaves no stone unturned as it opens our eyes to the joy, beauty, and adventure of a single amazing day on Earth. Animal lovers and wildlife fans can experience a taste of what the full feature will deliver in the epic trailer below.

Earth: One Amazing Day opens in cinemas on October 20th. Book Tickets

Earth: One Amazing Day

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