Gru's The Daddy

Gru discovers something much harder than being an Anti-Villain League agent as he enters a whole new world of parenthood.

Article Published on 21.06.2024

Words Adam Matulewicz

A wife, three “gorls,” and a legion of Minions is already a lot to take care of when you’re getting tangled up with the world’s most fearsome supervillains. So, the mayhem really jumps up a notch when Gru and Lucy’s newborn son comes along. Like father, like son, Gru Jr has some villainous traits. He may not be quite ready to steal the moon, but junior will be putting senior to the ultimate parenting test just as Gru faces his toughest adversary yet.

As he tries to settle down for a quieter life, Gru’s forced to take the whole family on the run when Maxime Le Mal, a nemesis from his past, comes seeking revenge. Get ready for another fun-filled ride which takes Gru, his growing family, and all of your favourite Minions on their latest thrilling adventure filled with new baddies and evil plots.

Steve Carell returns as Gru’s  iconic voice with Kristen Wiig back as his wife, Lucy. Plus, of course, there’s Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, and Madison Skyy Polan in support as the “gorls,” Margo, Edith, and Agnes. Will Ferrell joins the cast as the menacing Maxime Le Mal alongside Sofía Vergara as his glamorous wife, Valentina.

Expect crazier gadgets, hair-raising supervillainy, and more Minion madness as the world’s most successful animated series from Illumination returns to the big screen.

AVL's Most Wanted

Gru may have found the right path, but there’s plenty of despicable people hoping to lead him astray.


He’s got all the gear, but no idea… Vector aspires to be the greatest supervillain of all time but his arrogance proves to be his downfall.

El Nacho

On first impressions, he’s a seemingly charming guy called Eduardo. Underneath the façade, he’s a ruthless mastermind who succeeds in turning Gru’s yellow henchmen into evil purple minions.

Dru Gru

Gru’s long lost twin brother pries Gru out of retirement for a diamond heist as he wishes to keep the family tradition alive.

Maxime Le Mal

A mysterious villain from Gru’s past breaks out of prison, with evil girlfriend in tow, to swear revenge on Gru and his family.

Despicable Me 4

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