Cyrano Trailer

Peter Dinklage is trapped in a tragic love triangle in the musical trailer for Joe Wright’s Cyrano.

Article Published on 06.10.2021

The award-winning director of Pride and Prejudice and Atonement turns his attention to another classic romance, this time bringing a fresh take on the timeless tale of Edmond Rostand’s nineteenth-century play to cinemas. The trailer tiptoes between tragedy and jubilation as it sets the scene for a heartbreaking love triangle between Hayley Bennett’s beautiful Roxanne, Kelvin Harrison Jr’s handsome Christian, and Peter Dinklage’s Cyrano de Bergerac, the man who’s the talk of the town, a legendary figure who’s as seriously skilled with a sword as he is with words. Only, Cyrano believes that because of his physical appearance he is unworthy of his beloved Roxanne’s affection and hesitates to declare his love for her, meanwhile, she has fallen for another, Christian, the man who turns to none other than Cyrano to help him win her heart. In showcasing its stellar cast, magnificent musical numbers, and a perfect period setting, the stage is set for a powerful and deeply-moving adaptation of this tale as old as time. Cyrano is coming to cinemas January 14.