Brahms: The Boy II Poster And Trailer

Terrifying trailer for The Boy sequel takes us back to Heelshire Mansion

Article Published on 08.01.2020

Fans of the 2013 surprise hit puppet horror The Boy have been eagerly awaiting the sequel since it was announced and will delight in knowing it has finally found a home this February. Brahms is back and, though looking a little worse for wear, he’s sure to scare us all over again. The trailer introduces Katie Homes as Liza, the latest maternal figure to be haunted by Brahms as she and her family move to a guest house on the estate of Heelshire Mansion unaware of its terrifying past. But when her son Jude finds a creepily lifelike doll buried in the grounds and believes he’s found a new best friend, the nightmare begins. As strange happenings start to occur, Liza digs into the past and discovers the terrifying truth about Brahms. But with the boys’ friendship driving a wedge between mother and son, her fight to save her family might cost them all their lives. Showcasing some of the classic jump scares and pint-sized creepiness that shocked fans last time, as well as adding a new level of terror by giving Brahms a human child to corrupt, Brahms: The Boy II looks set to be another entry in the genre of puppet horror.

Brahms: The Boy II