Anyone But You Trailer

Article Published on 17.11.2023

The trailer introduces the Euphoria star and the actor who made his name in Top Gun: Maverick as Bea and Ben, two beautiful young people who are lovingly recreating the classic “king of the world” scene from Titanic. Only, as it’s soon revealed, this public display of affection is all for show. The truth is, these two are totally incompatible and they’ve concocted a fake romance so Bea can escape the excruciating reunion with her ex that her parents are forcing on her and as a way for Ben to make the girl of his dreams so jealous that she falls for him. Thrust together at a destination wedding in Australia, there’s cringeworthy romance, awkward interactions, and hilarity as the non-couple try to convince everyone they’re made for each other. Whether or not they actually find love along the way is to be seen when Anyone But You opens on Boxing Day.

Anyone But You

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