Angry Birds 2 Teaser

The Angry Birds and Piggies cool off and put their differences aside to defeat an all-new enemy in the first look at Angry Birds 2

Article Published on 27.03.2019

Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Mighty Eagle welcome you back to Bird Island where the war with the pigs is still raging. But that’s all about to change when the pig’s leader Leonard discovers a third island whose icy inhabitants are threatening to destroy Bird and Pig Island. Enemies must become frenemies in the impending battle and along with some interesting new allies our haphazard heroes assemble a superteam to set out to save the day.

Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Peter Dinklage, Bill Hader all reprise their roles from the first film and are joined by newcomers Rachel Bloom as Chuck’s sister Silver, Awkwafina as Leonard’s assistant Courtney, and Sterling K. Brown as techpig Garry who all feature in the hilarious trailer.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

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